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Artepil   |   2020-05-31   |   Covid-19
In Artepil we specialize in the care of our customers. That is why we have government certifications relevant to the times we live in, under a strict safety and hygiene protocol that ensures the care and safety of all. It is important to review this protocol in detail in order to carry it out correctly. 

It is important to review this protocol in detail in order to carry it out correctly. Together we are stronger!


1. The uniform and coveralls must be washed daily, as well as the cleaning and disinfection of footwear. 

2. Employees may only wear discreet earrings. They may not wear bracelets, watches, rings and similar items during the workday, in order to ensure effective handwashing.

3. Hair should be tied up, preferably in a braid, ponytail or onion type, in order to avoid hair over the face that could cause it to touch.

4. The temperature shall be taken upon admission. In case of presenting any symptom such as temperature over 37°, runny nose, among others, the corresponding coordinator must be notified and work will not be allowed under these circumstances. 

 5. Under no circumstances should food or beverages be shared.

6. Avoid exchange of objects between coworkers. If necessary, wash and disinfect objects before and after use, followed by handwashing. 

7. When coughing or sneezing, apply the technique with the forearm.

 8. Avoid touching eyes, hair, nose and mouth at all times. 

9. It is mandatory in the use and care of the elements provided. (gloves, masks, etc.).

10. It is recommended that each employee carry a bottle of water with him/her, which should be kept in his/her locker to prevent contamination. In case of not carrying a bottle, wash the glass before and after each use. 


Perform a Cleaning Role Every 2 Hours (place a 20 min. blockade).
Bathrooms: Lightly spray disinfectant on floors. Wipe the seat with alcohol wipes. Spray disinfectant around toilet, shelves, sink counter, faucets, sink. Wipe dry with paper if necessary. 
Reception: Disinfect bar, keyboard. Lightly spray customer chairs, tables.
Disinfect other Frequent Contact Points: Handles of all doors (main access, entrance, warehouse, restrooms, etc.). Handrails of stairs. 


A 10-minute block will be placed between appointments. In order to have a correct disinfection of the spaces. 
A 20-minute block will be placed according to the Cleaning Role. 
Customer service for the PM shift will begin at 2:10pm to allow the morning customers to leave, and that there is no overcrowding of customers at the reception desk. 


Before the service:

Upon arrival, the client must clean the soles of their shoes on the sanitizing mat, and dry them on the drying mat. The coordinator will ask them to disinfect their hands and take their temperature. We cannot attend clients with temperature above 37°, cough or runny nose.

    2. Clients may not be accompanied by people who do not come for service. At the moment we cannot attend high-risk clients: Hypertensive, Diabetic or Pregnant.

    3. Each work area must have only the tools and utensils necessary for the service, this will avoid contamination.

    4. Before attending the client, the therapist should wash her hands carefully for a minimum of 20 seconds with plenty of soap and water, or use disinfectant. Dry with paper and put on gloves.

During the service: 

    1. At no time may clients pass through areas that are not necessary according to the service to be performed. 2. 

    2. Beverages that are not in individually sealed containers will not be offered; only bottles of water will be available at this time. 

    3. Gloves and masks must be worn at all times. 

    4. Although in our services contact is imminent, it is necessary to maintain the greatest distance during this, i.e., avoid handshaking or kissing, unnecessary approach and in case of sneezing do it with the utmost care and with proper technique. 

After the Service: 
    1. All tools should be disinfected in the usual manner and areas with corresponding sanitizing liquid and paper. 

    2. Waxing: Sheets shall be changed in the usual manner, and if not changed, lightly sprayed with disinfectant. 

    3. Mani/Pedi: Herbal pillow will be provided for those who require it. The pillowcase should be changed between each client and washed. At the end of the service, disinfect work tables, and lightly spray disinfectant on the chair. 

    4. Spa: When the sheets are removed, the bed and headboard should be cleaned with disinfectant. 

    5. Remarks: Waxing will not offer herbal pillows for clients. 

We take care of each other 

In the reopening of our branches, we are subject to random reviews and inspections to verify that the protocols and safety and hygiene measures are being carried out. For this reason, it is necessary that these safety recommendations are followed to the letter at all times. 

The only way to overcome the current times is to take care of each other. In order to offer you the excellent service you deserve, please help us to respect this return to normality in the best way. 

Make your reservation by calling +52 (322) 225 9418, sending us a message on social networks, or simply from our website. 
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