We tell you what our Aromatizante Spa Package is all about

Artepil   |   2021-06-17   |   Artepil
With the hectic lives most of us lead these days, a day of spa pampering is no longer a luxury, but has become a necessity. At least once in a while. 

We all deserve a little rest and relaxation, and our spa at Artepil is an oasis for that. In addition to the peace of mind that a spa day can give you, the benefits of a facial or body treatment are incomparable. 

That is why we have created the Aromatizante Spa Package, which combines different treatments that are enhanced by awakening the sense of smell through aromatherapy. 

How are we going to pamper you with our Aromatizing Spa Package?

Our Spa Aromatizante Package offers you the perfect combination of two treatments to relax you through your sense of smell. 

The package includes a 50-minute massage that we accompany by natural essences that help your energy centers reach their balance. This massage is combined with a revitalizing facial treatment that we perform with an effective Japanese massage technique known as Aroma Kobido, which provides a natural lifting effect to your face.

If you want to pamper yourself with a delicious treatment that will give a boost of energy and vitality to your body and at the same time rejuvenate your face, leaving it looking radiant, we recommend you to try our Aromatizante Spa Package. 

Make your appointment today and revitalize yourself with our treatments. 

At Artepil, pampering you is our art. We specialize in taking care of you and providing you with a unique wellness experience in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Tepic. We work under the philosophy of “natural excellence” since all our services and products are inspired by nature and respect the environment. 

In our spa, it will be difficult not to feel like a queen or a king, because we will pamper you from head to toe. We have different types of massages, facials, and body treatments that will help you release stress and feel like new. 

We also offer waxing with European technique, and beautify your hands and feet with our excellent manicure and pedicure service. 

Our spa at Artepil is a must-visit to revitalize your body and soul. Once you are, 
Once you are here we recommend you to enjoy every second of your experience. This time is just for you, without distractions or worries, so make the most of it. Forget about your problems and aches and pains, and just focus on this moment of wellness. 

Learn more about our services and book your appointment online. It will be a pleasure to serve you and offer you the best spa experience of your life. 
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