Treat yourself this 2022 at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta

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Treat yourself this 2022 at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta

We say goodbye to 2021, and give way to 2022; a new year full of new hopes, of fulfilling your resolutions, of generating new habits, and why not? Of reinventing yourself. 
At Artepil we know that self-care is very important to feel good about yourself, to carry out your daily activities without stress, to rest after a hard day or simply for the pure pleasure of giving yourself the care you need. 

At Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta, we are always in a constant search for new and fun ways to pamper yourself, that is why we have created different spa packages, so you can start the year relaxed and with all the right attitude. 

Detox Spa 

Start the year with the perfect blend of cleansing and skin detoxification. This Puerto Vallarta Spa package includes a gentle 60-minute massage to eliminate toxins through the lymphatic systems for easy elimination by the body. It also includes a 60-minute facial treatment designed for the renewal and detoxification of your skin through the use of activated charcoal. You can check the price here

Renew Yourself Spa

How would you like 25 minutes of a delicious back massage? This is ideal for releasing accumulated muscle tension in the upper body, which is usually caused by spending time in front of the computer or poor posture. In addition, it includes a deep cleansing facial treatment that lasts 80 minutes, this will extract impurities from the skin and cleanse dead skin cells for a natural glow and a more even skin tone. Find out the price here

Rejuvenate Yourself Spa

This package includes a 40-minute relaxing massage ideal for relieving muscle tension in the upper body. And a very relaxing facial treatment that will give you a deep cellular nutrition to look younger and healthier skin. It will definitely give you the energy boost you need to start the year. 

Aromatízate SPA

The perfect formula to relax through the sense of smell. The Aromatízate Package will use all your senses to help you reach an incredible state of relaxation. It includes a 60-minute massage that uses natural essences to balance the energy centers. The exquisite aromas and the tranquility you will have after this massage will be the perfect complement to start your year practicing self-care.

Choose the Artepil package you like the most, and don't forget that you can combine it with any of our other services, such as manicure, pedicure or a delicious body treatment. Contact us and make an appointment at the best spa in Puerto Vallarta. 

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