Paraffin moisturizing treatment: get the best facial moisturizer in Puerto Vallarta

Artepil   |   2021-06-24   |   Health Tips
Words fail us to describe how much we love paraffin wax. Not only is it perfect for waxing and chapped lips, but it's also great as a facial moisturizer to show off a baby-like complexion.

The paraffin moisturizing treatment hydrates and softens the skin while relieving joint pain thanks to the therapeutic heat it produces. If you have dry skin and want to revitalize it, the best thing to do is to treat yourself to a paraffin facial moisturizing treatment.

How good is kerosene facial treatment?

Paraffin facial treatments have been applied since the 1960s, but this wax has been used in holistic medicine since the Roman Empire, thanks to its ability to clean pores, reduce wrinkles, moisturize the face and give an unparalleled relaxing effect. 

The process for applying a kerosene treatment to the face is as follows: the therapist will cover your face with a protective gauze mask before spreading the hot paraffin. The gauze prevents the wax from burning the skin, while allowing its nutrients and heat to work their magic. 

When it is completely dry, the gauze is removed, as well as the wax residue. The heat of the wax will make you sweat, helping to loosen impurities from your facial skin and remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. The heat from the paraffin also activates blood circulation, so your face will look full of life immediately. 

This hydrating facial treatment also relieves tension in the facial muscles, which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 

In addition, the heat retention of the paraffin wax provides a soothing therapy that begins on the face, but extends to the entire body and mind. 

If you want to enliven your face, smooth fine lines, remove stiffness from your facial muscles and deeply hydrate your complexion, the kerosene treatment is perfect for you. 

Schedule your paraffin moisturizing treatment!

At Artepil we are experts in facial treatments, so we can offer you the best kerosene treatment in the Puerto Vallarta area. This moisturizing facial is perfect for very dry skins, since the paraffin wax layer we apply in the process provides maximum hydration to the face. However, you must take into account that this treatment cannot be performed on people with facial skin problems. 

To keep your face young and nourished, in addition to the paraffin treatment, we have numerous facial therapies, such as: anti-acne, anti-aging, facial detox, deep cleansing, total renewal, among others. 

The health and beauty of your face are just a click away, book your appointment with us today! We have branches in different locations in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta.

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